I, as a registrant participating in New Deal's Prohibition Picnic held from July 13, 2019 (henceforth "NDW5") hearby: 

(i) acknowledge the risks inherent in participating in any physical activity such as dancing (including but not limited to physical, emotional, and/or psychological damage) and hereby waive my right to any claim for damages from, and relieve, release, and forever discharge from any claim for damages, any and all of the following: all organizers of NDW5; all staff, teachers, volunteers, DJs, venue owners, band members, and other individuals or businesses putting on events or otherwise participating in NDW5 (collectively, the "Hosts"); and

(ii) agree to indemnify and hold harmless any and all of the Hosts from any and all claims and demands for injury to any person or damage or loss of property as a result of my participation in NDW5; and

(iv) agree to allow my image to be used by NDW5 in the future for promotional purposes without compensation or recognition.

pRohibition picnic