1:00 PMSet-up

Attendees are welcomed to arrive and begin setting up their picnic spreads.

The house will not be open yet.

2:00 PMPicnic Begins
House opens, soda service begins, DJ begins, party begins!
2:30-3:45 PMBandNewport Nightingales 
4:00 PMPerformanceJazz/swing dance performance (troupe TBA)
4:30 PMPicnic Ends

Pack up and exit the venue.

There is one and half hour intermission before the Champagne Sunset Social begins


Prohibition picnic

 Time:  July 13th 1:00-4:30pm

​ Place: Historic Overlook House

            3839 N Melrose Dr,                       Portland, OR 97227

                  [google maps]

2018 schedule

The Prohibition Picnic will grace the lawns of the Historic Overlook House of Portland.

Put on you summer clothes and bring out your best china. Pack your favorite choice of beverage with an elegant lunch into your cutest wicker basket. No serving dish is too fancy or lace too dainty for this event!

pRohibition picnic


Champagne Sunset Social

Time:  July 21st 6:00-9:00pm

Place: Historic Overlook House
            3839 N Melrose Dr,                       Portland, OR 97227
                  [google maps]​

6:00 PMSocial BeginsChampagne Sunset Social opens
7:00-7:30 PMBandBoy and Bean - 1st set
7:30-8:00 PMPerformance

Starella Sisters chorus girls

8:00-8:30 PMBandBoy and Bean - 2nd set
9:00 PMSocial EndsChampagne Sunset Social ends

The Champagne Sunset Social is held in the stunning interior and grounds of the Historic Overlook House of Portland.

Put on you evening ensemble, and your dancing shoes. Dancing to live swing music inside the house for those who are willing and able, while the entire garden is open to walk and socialize.