picnic planning

Whether you decide to go all out with a table, fine china and linens or to come casually with a blanket, the fun of the Prohibition Picnic is doing it in style.

You may be as simple or extravagant as you wish, but pay attention to the details - bring vintage linens for the table, or a nice blanket or tablecloth to spread on the lawn. Use real plates and silverware, glasses and period-appropriate bottles and wraps. Stow your plastic beneath a hand towel or blanket. If you're bringing a cool drink, choose bottles with corks and vintage style sodas in glass. Wrap cheeses, sandwiches and other simple foods in parchment paper or wax paper. Use a pretty wicker or metal basket.

There is a whole host of recipes and picnic ideas available at the website: Foodtimeline.org. A favorite simple picnic of ours:

  • Sparkling lemonade in a glass bottle
  • Cucumber and/or watercress sandwiches with the edges trimmed
  • Charcuterie platter with fine sausages, local cheese and capers
  • Fresh cut pears and prosciutto
  • Home baked pie or torte
  • Apple Juice

Not happy with this assortment of luncheon delicacies? Try the picnic menus at these links: [1910s][1920s][1930s].

If you feel ambitious and wish to go all out, the sky is the limit! Picnic trunks, serving platters, tea service, delicate silverware, portable phonograph - what can you dream up?


pRohibition picnic